Monthly Archives: September 2016

Top 6 Hang Out Spots On Campus

With our new school year in full swing, we are all finding our favourite spots to hang out with our friends. Between classes or on our days off, it is important to have a comfortable space where we can relax! It’s also just fun to explore the school and find somewhere new to watch a movie or take a nap.

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Your First Week of Classes as a Frosh

So Frosh Week is over. You are all ready for classes. You’ve bought your books (or maybe not) and you have your course schedule. You’ve met some new people and are already well on your way to building some amazing friendships. Frosh Week can feel like a blur of  crazy activities,

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Professor Spotlight on Dr. Duquette


In the short time that she’s been at Tyndale, Dr. Natasha Duquette has already become a staple persona in the lively excitement that defines Tyndale University College. Engaging in passionate discourse on all things poetic and sublime with both fellow professors and students alike, Dr.

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