Top 6 Hang Out Spots On Campus

With our new school year in full swing, we are all finding our favourite spots to hang out with our friends. Between classes or on our days off, it is important to have a comfortable space where we can relax! It’s also just fun to explore the school and find somewhere new to watch a movie or take a nap. If you haven’t found your favourite spot just yet, or you’re open to do some exploring I’ve got a list of the top 6 hang out spots on campus for you to try!

The Dining HallTyndale University College

Okay, so this may not seem like somewhere new to explore on campus, because let’s face it, we’ve all been there at this point. But, it is an old favourite for students to hang out, especially at meal times. At lunch and dinner, you will notice that the dining hall is packed full of students taking a study break to chat with friends. I’ve always referred to it as the place you go to study when you want to get nothing done, because you are almost always guaranteed to run into someone you want to talk to.

Lower Student Commonsoct2615campusshoot-25-min

Just beside the dining hall is a great little spot to unwind before class. With couches, Foosball and a pool table, student commons is the perfect spot for a study break. Grab a few friends and challenge them to a round of Foosball and feel your stress slip away.

Student Commcommonsons

Student Commons is a pretty quiet spot for those of us who want to take a break from lots of noise and activity. It’s a great place to grab a book and a couch, or even binge on some netflix. During exams, Student Commons becomes super popular and every couch is filled with students studying away.


The Back Fieldback-lawn-bench

Get outside and enjoy the sun while it’s still here! Winter is coming and we all know that we are going to miss being able to go outside and sit on the grass. The back field is the perfect place to hang out with friends, study, read, or nap in the nice weather. In the warmer months you can always find students sitting outside. During the winter, the big hill makes for perfect sledding!

Residence Loresidence-lounge-malesunges

If you live on residence, the res lounges are definitely a popular spot to hang out especially in the evenings and on weekends. It is common to find people in lounges watching movies, playing video games, playing board and card games, or even having an impromptu worship session.


The John Kao Global Leadership Study Centrestudy-hall-edited-18-of-18-min

Tyndale’s first all night study spot is the perfect place for you to go if you’ve left a paper or two to the last minute. With couches in the back corner and desks near the front, the Kao Centre will keep you comfy. Order in a pizza, make some coffee, maybe even bring some candy and you will be ready to hunker down for a long evening of paper writing.


Kaitlyn Williams

BA Business Administration – International Development 
Fourth Year
Senior Student Admissions Representative 

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