Your First Week of Classes as a Frosh

So Frosh Week is over. You are all ready for classes. You’ve bought your books (or maybe not) and you have your course schedule. You’ve met some new people and are already well on your way to building some amazing friendships. Frosh Week can feel like a blur of  crazy activities, building community and eating too much junk food on the retreat. All of a sudden your first week of university classes is here! You likely have no idea what to expect and neither does anyone else around you. The first week of university can be a crazy one. There is so much to adjust to, whether you are coming to Tyndale straight out of high school, transferring from another university, or getting back into school after years. Even though this week can seem like an insurmountable mountain ahead of you, we have all done it and, honestly, it’s a blast! So here are some of the things that you will definitely notice in your first week:

Oct1915Classrooms-29-minFirst Day of Classes

I remember my first class was English, and it began first thing in the morning. I was fresh out of high school and had never sat in a university class before. I had absolutely no idea what to expect! After double checking with everyone else sitting in the room that I was in fact in the correct location, I found myself a little nervous but very excited as I sat with my new friends awaiting the arrival of our professor.  I was relieved to know that my professors would spend most of our first hours together going over the syllabus, course expectations, readings, assignments and academic support. Professors, however, never fail to waste any time in assigning the first set of readings. At the end of the first day I was already prepared to read for hours. But just think – within a few weeks at least one of your classes will become your favourite!

The First Paper

Undoubtedly, in your first week at least one of your professors will bring up the Snappefirst paper they  want you to submit. Most of your papers won’t be due until later in the semester, but sometimes you will find one that is due within the first few weeks. But never fear, paper writing isn’t quite as bad as our imaginations lead us to believe. This first paper will help you learn how to write your university papers and exactly what your professors expect. Don’t be afraid to book an appointment at the Centre for Academic Excellence. The students who work there went through the same thing writing their first papers and will be able to give you some great tips on what to do!

Living on Residence

resAdjusting to living on residence is quite different from anything that I had ever done in the past. Living with people who were not my family was a totally foreign concept to me. Thankfully I had Frosh Week to build friendships and get to know my roommate. The real trick now was balancing studying with hanging out with my new friends. Let’s just say I spent many hours watching movies late into the night with friends. Within a few days of living on res you learn that being outside is super important! It’s so easy to stay inside all day, but man does it feel good to step outside into the sun! Don’t underestimate the importance of the great outdoors.


The first week of commuting is really a balancing act. You learn when the traffic in and out of the city (or on public transit) is the worst and when it is the best, and how to time your commute accordingly. You then learn where the best spots to hang out on campus are (seeing as you don’t have your own room to return to between classes). Oftentimes campus will quickly become your home away from home especially when you can hang out in your friends rooms – which just so happen to be the perfect place for napping!

Bayview Aerial Edited (1 of 1)v2Getting Around Campus

Navigating campus for the first week is no small feat. I spent my first week walking down the same hallway multiple times before realizing I was in the wrong spot. Or finding a room that I had never known existed. One of the great things about this campus is how big it is! There is no shortage of places to be. Luckily there are maps and signs everywhere directing you where to go. By the end of your first week, what originally felt like a maze will be mapped out in your brain where it is never to be forgotten.

Cafeteria Food

It isn’t long before you will discover your favourite meals in the cafeteria. Classics are of course chicken fingers and fries and mac ‘n cheese. My personal favourite was breakfast which I still never fail to appreciate. In your first week at Tyndale learning how to use the caef can be quite the experience, but don’t worry, before long you will become a regular and it will all be old habits for you!

Being New to Toronto

For those of us who are completely new to Toronto, leaving campus can be a daunting task; I meaWikipedian how in the world does the bus system work and where can you even go besides the CN Tour and the Zoo? It takes a few weeks to learn how to navigate Toronto and those of us who don’t know the area rely on our friends who do to help us out. So if you are local to Toronto just know that we NEED you! We need to know that there is a whole world outside our dorm rooms for us to enjoy!

The First Weekend

What does one do on the weekends at university? Well, that is a very good question. Everyone finds their own weekend traditions. From visiting a farmer’s market down the road to checking out the trails behind the school, going to the mall, and making time to study, weekends are the perfect opportunity to explore Toronto. Hop on a bus with a few friends and head downtown for the day. You will literally NEVER run out of things to do there, I can guarantee it! On Sundays you will find students making plans together to go to church. There are so many churches in the area that it will take a few Sundays to try them all, but sometimes a good recommendation will lead to finding the perfect church for you!

Kaitlyn Williams

BA Business Administration – International Development 
Fourth Year
Senior Student Admissions Representative 

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