Professor Spotlight: Dr. Ben Reynolds


Dr. Ben Reynolds is a professor in our Biblical Studies and Theology Program. He is known by almost all students for his Hermeneutics class and participation in Tyndale activities. He is the kind of professor who takes the time to get to know the students, even those whom he has never taught. I have never taken a class with Dr. Reynolds, and yet every time I see him in the halls he stops to chat with me. In his time here at Tyndale so far Dr. Reynolds has made a huge impact on both students and staff. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Reynolds about his Tyndale experience:

How long have you been teaching at Tyndale?

This year is my eighth year teaching at Tyndale University College. I arrived not long after my oldest son turned one, and he is now eight and in grade 3.

What courses do you teach?

My teaching at Tyndale almost always includes New Testament Greek and Hermeneutics. I teach upper year courses in New Testament, such as Jesus and the Synoptic tradition, Paul and his Letters, and Second Temple Judaism. Every year, I teach one fourth year seminar, which I have taught on a number of subjects. These topics have included Jesus as Messiah, Isaiah in the New Testament, and this semester I am teaching Names of Jesus.

What were you doing before you came to Tyndale?

Before I came to Tyndale, I had recently completed my PhD studies at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. My wife and I moved back to North America for almost a full year before coming to Toronto. I worked that year part-time selling running shoes and ran my first half marathon. I also taught three courses at three different universities.

Do you have any favourite classes to teach?

I enjoy teaching in general, and I am grateful to be able to interact with students and to see them grow and learn during their oct1915classrooms-36-minfour years. I do enjoy teaching seminar courses as students become more engaged, we address a specific topic, and we are able to get to know each other all a bit more. Building relationships is, I think, an important part of teaching, and Tyndale provides excellent opportunities to do so.

Are you involved in any extra-curriculars at Tyndale?

I have played in the floor hockey in the past. My first year, my team made the finals but lost the best of three series. Last year, my team won – Go Islanders! There were a few seasons I sat out on injured reserve after a knee injury that resulted from playing in the indoor soccer league. When I can, I enjoy playing on the disc golf course and am happy to play with anyone interested!

Given your experience at a variety of different schools, what stands out to you about Tyndale?

Tyndale is a unique place, a special place to be able to learn and grow. We have an extremely capable and talented faculty, intimate class sizes (small enough for faculty to know students by name), a beautiful campus, yet easily accessible to downtown Toronto. Our courses and curriculum are centred in the belief that all knowledge comes from God and that learning brings us closer to God and makes us more adept at listening to him.


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