How to Have the Best Christmas Break Ever

Exams are over, and Christmas is fast approaching. Christmas is such a fun time of the year for so many people – who doesn’t love Christmas trees and meeting Santa at the mall? We have some tips for you to have the best Christmas break ever!

Image result for Best Christmas break everSleep!

You’ve just spent two weeks studying, finishing papers, and pulling all-nighters. Take some time and sleep! Go to bed early, sleep in, take a few naps. You won’t remember just how much you love sleep until you embrace it again. This will set you up for a great rest of the break!

Eat So Much Food!Image result for Christmas food meme

Most of us are home with family over Christmas, or maybe we are seeing friends, or even hanging around on our own. Regardless, take advantage of the fact that at Christmas it is perfectly acceptable to eat enough for three people multiple times, and you can definitely eat chocolate every day with zero judgement. If you are with family, this is even more important – take advantage of the free food and go crazy! Just don’t make yourself sick.

See Your Friends

Whether they be friends from Tyndale, friends from high school, or anywhere in between – make some time to see those people that you don’t get to see during the semester. They are some of the best people to be around when you are on holidays!

Spend time with familyImage result for Family meme

Christmas is the best time to spend with family. Your family surely misses you when you are busy with school and work – whether you live at home or in a different country. They will cherish the few weeks you have off together. So take advantage and spend time with them! You’ve probably missed them more than you realize.

Don’t sit at home all day every day

It can be tempting over the holidays to sleep all day and never leave the house. But the best way to take complete advantage of Christmas break is to find a balance. Sleep! Maybe even spend a day or two in your PJs! But then go outside, see friends and do some Christmas activities. Trust me, it’s good to get out and do things that are totally unrelated to school!

Do something for someone elseImage result for volunteer meme

Christmas is a great time to do something nice for someone else. Everyone seems to be in the Christmas spirit, but we also seem to get so caught up in the busyness of it all. Sometimes it feels so great to take a step back and do something for someone else. Whether it be volunteering, donating money, or even paying for someone’s Tim Horton’s in the Drive-Thru, they will appreciate it, and so will you!

Have a movie marathon

Plop down on the couch with some snacks and some friends and hunker down for a full movie marathon. Whether it be a movie series, or just a bunch of movies that you love, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

Read something that has absolutely nothing to do with schoolImage result for Books meme

We do so much reading for school. Textbooks, articles, and essays are never ending. But over the Christmas break, there are no reading obligations! So take advantage and read a good book. Drop into Indigo and pick out one of the best-sellers, or pick up a book you’ve been eyeing for a while. Reading is great, especially when it’s all for fun!

Remember the true reason for Christmas

Amidst all of the crazy of the Christmas holidays, Christmas shopping, family dinners, and parties, it is important to keep in mind the “Reason for the Season.” Take some time to reflect on and fully appreciate the meaning of Christmas, it will make the season all the better.

Merry Christmas!


Kaitlyn Williams
BA Business Administration – International Development 
Fourth Year
Senior Student Admissions Representative 

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