5 Reasons to take Personality Psychology

Personality is fascinating stuff. Who doesn’t enjoy analyzing themselves? It’s fun to figure out how to describe ourselves. First dates these days often include questions like “What’s your Myers-Briggs type?” But there is so much more to personality! If you want a course that relates to so many aspects of life, Personality Psychology is the course for you.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider taking Personality Psychology at Tyndale:

1. Dr. Helen NohOct1915Classrooms-20

Anyone who has ever taken a course from this incredible prof knows that no more needs to be said. Dr. Noh has extensive training in both Psychology and Theology. She is a very passionate teacher and integrates faith into all the topics that we learn. At the end of the semester while I was home for the holidays, someone asked me which course helped me grow the most in my faith. Expecting the answer to be a Biblical Studies course, they were surprised when my answer was: “Personality Psychology”.

2. To Learn your Identity in Christbook-1209805__340

I remember sitting at my desk during my first day back at school after the Christmas holidays. I was tired, a little hungry, and probably late to class. Dr. Noh started speaking about the image of God, and I felt impacted on such a deep level. She explained it in a way that felt so relevant and real – I was quite awestruck by our Creator.

3. To Sound Smartpsy

Have you ever been around those people who love to talk about Myers-Briggs and whether so-and-so is a ‘P’ or a ‘J’? After taking Personality Psychology you will be able to better engage in those conversations because you will have a deeper knowledge of the intricate aspects of personality.

*Warning: After taking Personality Psychology a sense of superiority may set in. People may get annoyed and no longer want to discuss personality around you. I speak from experience!

4. For the Quizzes!images

Do you like Buzzfeed quizzes? Do you enjoy finding out which Disney or Lord of the Rings character you are? In this class you will have the opportunity to complete psychology quizzes and find out who you really are. *Spoiler alert: Mickey Mouse is not one of the options*

psyc5. To Understand People 

Personality Psychology will help you better understand yourself and others. It is important to understand why others may be acting and feeling certain ways. By learning about the differences between us, we can grow in grace and love for one another as Christ has loved us.


Kendra Orr

BA Psychology 
Fourth Year
Student Admissions Representative

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