New Year’s Resolutions from the Tyndale Community

Have you committed to a New Year’s resolution yet? It’s not too late! We have some ideas for you that will hopefully get you thinking – ranging from thought-provoking to slightly crazy! Staff and students at Tyndale have their work cut out for them with these New Year’s resolutions.

cropped3Kendalyn (student)

“Dress better… People always ask me if I’m going on a hike.”

Tyndale residents have the advantage of dressing in comfort without the pain of having to layer on jackets, boots, even snow pants to head to class!


Chad (University Admissions Counsellor)chad

“I am trying to spend more time intentionally reflecting. I will take 20 minutes of every day to become more aware of the circumstances I’m engaged in and write down my attitude and emotions towards them in a journal.”


cropped5Ryan (student)

“To not talk about Calvinism vs Arminianism for two months.”




Gary (Assistant Director of Seminary Admissions)IMG_6748

“I want my newborn son to sleep more than 3 hours in a row. In order to make that happen I am going to pray… a lot. And keep praying”.

Congratulations to Gary! His second son Daniel was born in November. Well Gary, we hope you’re not in the lion’s den for too long.


Samantha (student)cropped4

“Get an A on a paper for Professor Masson.”

Maybe one day.



Kendra Orr

BA Psychology 
Fourth Year
Student Admissions Representative


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