Spotlight on: Dr. Barry Smith, VP Academic and Dean

Before coming to Tyndale I had always heard about the rare, tight-knit relationships that faculty members have with students and that deeply interested me.  I wondered is this simply a faculty member being friendly? Or do they actually truly care about who I am and who I want to be? Almost two years into my degree, it is safe to say that not only do the faculty at Tyndale care about who I am, but they deeply care about who I am becoming. 

Dr. Barry SmithToday I would love to introduce to you Dr. Barry Smith, Senior Vice President Academic and Dean of the University College. He is one of many faculty members that choose to invest their time and energy into the growth of Tyndale students. Here is what he has to say during our interview:

Give us some interesting pieces of information about the young Barry Smith? 

“I did one year of Judo, had the best throw.  I am also the 1975 COSSA Football Champion where I scored a TD as a Defensive End and also separated my shoulder. I have travelled to four different countries outside of Canada and the US on missions including West Africa, Russia, Mexico, and Japan.”

Being here for 6 years, what has caught your attention about the Community and Environment?

“It’s is more than just Community at Tyndale, it is the possibility to combine Character and Spiritual Formation. This allows for students to better understand themselves and become fully integrated, living out a life that seamlessly articulates Christ and His nature.”

The NHL released its NHL 100 list and to everyone’s surprise you were not on the list. Can you tell me what if feels like to be forgotten among some of the greats? 

“I am very grateful to be considered among some of the greats. As for me right now, I am trying to find comfort in the Tyndale ball hockey league.” 

Full disclaimer, Barry never played in the NHL. After watching Tyndale Ball Hockey, Barry would have no problem making the Tyndale NHL 100.

If you could be a Superhero, who would you be and why?

“The HULK because I have done a great job keeping my emotions in check, but it would be fun to let loose sometimes.”

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about Barry Smith. If you haven’t already, when you do get the chance to meet him, you will understand fully each and every one of his answers. 


Mackenzie Langford

BA Business Administration – International Development, Second Year
Senior Student Administrative Assistant & Student Council Program Chair

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