Which Student Council Role is Right for You?

Being selected to lead fellow students is one of the many fantastic opportunities at Tyndale.  Student Council’s focus is to plan and facilitate events for the entire student body, but their role is so much more than just that. As George Sweetman, Dean of Student Life, would put it: “If the student hasn’t grown, we have missed our goal.” So who makes up Tyndale’s student council? Council is broken down into three groups. If you are thinking about getting involved at Tyndale, take a look at these roles and consider which ones might be best suited to your passions and skills.


Sawyer Bullock, Student Council President

The Executives

This group consists of three members: the President, the Director of Events, and the Director of Communications. The President’s focus is to help manage and run the entire team, while being a student advocate and representative to Tyndale at large. The Directors team up to help run and manage the day to day happenings of the Council. Tasks range from meeting with Program Chairs, to communicating between different clubs and houses. Their tasks are vital to Student Council.  

You’d make a great addition to the executive team if you enjoy leading a team, and facilitating the pursuit of a vision.

Program Chairs

Our student leaders dream big and turn those dreams into incredible events. One of the hits this year was the Star Wars Nerf event which saw over 100 students battle it out between the Empire and the Rebellion.  The Program Chairs make sure that food, decorations, rentals and more are all in place to make every event one that brings the community of Tyndale closer together. 


Star Wars Nerf Event

You’d make a fantastic program chair if you love to plan events.

House Representatives

House? In case you didn’t know, Tyndale has 5 different houses that students are placed in during their first week on campus. The houses (named after past Tyndale presidents Adrian, McCrae, Stiller, Boehmer, Harris) compete against one another (and sometimes in partnership with one another) for the ultimate prize. The House Representative’s job is to facilitate community and events within their house. This position is one of the most exciting roles on council due to the diverse, relationship-focused nature of the position.

If you love community and are great at relationship building, you should consider being a house representative.

One of the best opportunities that arise through student council is the chance to grow and develop yourself as a leader under leaders. Student Council would be impossible without the efforts of George Sweetman and Shannon Loewen, Residence Life Director. Both George and Shannon pour their hearts, time, and effort into building up every member of council.  When you get the chance, take some time to get to know these two people, you will not regret it.

Over the next few weeks Tyndale will be selecting the team for the 2017/18 school year. What an exciting time! For more information on how to be a part of student council, speak to Shannon at sloewen@tyndale.ca .



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