What does it mean to be a Christian Athlete?

guardiansI want to challenge a notion with this blog. Our culture today has labeled the Christian athlete as one who prays for a win or simply thanks God when they succeed in their sport. I want to let you know that this couldn’t be further from what it truly means to be a Christian Athlete.

God has called us to worship Him in all that we do. Even though I am a Business major and not a Biblical Studies major, I am confident that “all” means all. Since we are called to worship God while we sing, or speak, or dance, or work, I am confident that this also means we are called to worship God as we play sports.

At Tyndale, students have a unique opportunity to partner the rigours of Christian higher education with a vast variety of avenues for worship. Tyndale’s club teams, such as the Ice Hockey teamTeam, are a great way to take one’s God-given talents and passions and turn them into an opportunity to worship God outside of the Church on a Sunday. Each year the Men’s Ice Hockey team joins 3 or 4 tournaments across the GTA . Last week they finished second in their own hosted tournament.

Tyndale’s intramurals are another great way for the community of Tyndale to come together and worship God as a collective unit. Ball Hockey is Tyndale’s most passionate intramural. Dodgeball, volleyball, quidditch, basketball, soccer and ping pong are some of the many other favourites that students at Tyndale have come to love. The intramurals offer a place for all students, regardless of skill or availability, to foster community.curry

Take some time today to ponder where God has you. As you participate in youth groups, school sports, or even spend time with your family, take the opportunity to worship God as you do so. Does God care if your team wins or loses? No. But he does care that you would choose to worship him in all that you do.


Mackenzie Langford

BA Business Administration – International Development

Second Year
Senior Student Administrative Assistant & Student Council Program Chair

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