TCKs’ Experiences at Tyndale

International students are cool. It’s true. They have some crazy stories. They’ve eaten unique food. They speak languages that no one would guess. Third Culture Kids (TCK), those who have grown up temporarily in various countries, fall into this category too.

As a TCK, I had a hard time moving away from my home, my family, and my friends, and leaving my whole life behind. When I came to Tyndale, I felt loved. I knew my RAs, Community Group leaders, staff and faculty, and dorm members all cared about me personally. I remember one of my RAs hugging me during my first year while I cried when there were terrorist attacks back home. During another hard week that year, one of the girls on the student council even showed up with Starbucks in hand after my class!

Here are some interesting insights from some TCK students:

Rob WongRob Wong:

Where do you find comfort food in Toronto?

  • Chinatown is pretty nice! They have some of the most authentic Chinese food in the GTA. The egg tarts are pretty good too!

What is one activity that helped you adjust to school at Tyndale?

  • Getting involved in the intramural sports was great for me. It helped me get to know people that were outside my circle of friends.

What is the most unique food you have eaten?

  • Scorpion/crocodile

Sabina KinesSabina Kines:

How was your transition to living at Tyndale?

  • The school is so warm and welcoming, and Canada’s reputation of kindness is definitely true. It didn’t take long before I came to call it one of my many homes.

What do you say when people ask where you are from?

  • I reply: Can you define “from”? I change it up a bit. Czech Republic, England, Canada, even the U.S. sometimes…Mostly just Europe, no need to talk about my life history and give a geography lesson.

What is one activity/extra-curricular event that helped you get involved at Tyndale?

  • Choir! It has definitely helped me get involved in chapel and get to know people overall.

For those of you who are not international students, do you like eating new food? Do you want to have friends and places to stay when you travel the world? Do you want to show the love of Christ to those who are without a home? Do you want a larger worldview?

There’s an easy answer: Make as many international friends as you can!

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