Black Educators of Tyndale

BET PanelUnity. Authenticity. Discussion. Teaching. Learning.

These are the values that BET (Black Educators of Tyndale) display and strive for in the Tyndale community, along with great food! Read on to hear what two of our BET club members have to say about the events and success from the BET club in the past year.

Who: The core team comprised of six individuals this year, but the goal is not to stay there! They have decided to expand the team for next year due to the large amount of interest (it must be the food).

What: Food, just kidding! BET events are open to everyone regardless of age, ethnicity, race, and food preferences. Two of the popular events this year were the Student Panel and the Arts and Awareness Concert.

The Student Panel, besides the food, was “a multicultural conversation.” Students from a large variety of cultures were present on the panel, and they had an open discussion about sensitive topics such as interracial relationships and standards of beauty.

The Arts and Awareness Concert was in celebration of Black History month. Black culture was highlighted with performances of rap, dance, spoken word, painting, and song by various student and faculty members!

Where: Follow the aroma.BET Event

When: This was the first year of BET! It’s only going to get better from here!

Why: The goal of BET is to intentionally appreciate diversity within unity. We are all diverse, yet one in Christ. BET desires to help us all learn how to interact with members of other cultures in order to share the gospel. Amen.

We have shared with you just a taste of what BET is about. Come to the events and ask more questions to get the full entrée… of information of course!

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