Spotlight on: George Sweetman, Dean of Students

It comes to no surprise that Tyndale is well known for its welcoming community, energetic atmosphere, and riveting ball hockey season. If you spend any length of time here, whether for an Encounter Day or an Undergraduate degree, you are bound to be swept up in all that Tyndale has to offer.

George SweetmanIn recent posts, we have highlighted some of our students and faculty, as they truly are what makes Tyndale so unique. Today, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the Legend himself: George Sweetman, Dean of Students. It’s no secret that George is one of the driving forces in the Tyndale Community. George is an avid bow-tie enthusiast and MVP for the Men’s Ball Hockey Team: The Elect. Here is an inside scoop from our interview this week featuring some facts and words of wisdom from the man himself!

As the ball hockey season just came to a close, can you please reflect upon the season?

“Ball hockey has been a staple of community-building and friendly competition at Tyndale for over a generation. It’s been so much fun playing over the past 18 years, but I’m feeling my age when I play now! I’m getting older, but the students seem to stay the same age! I’m always amazed by the skill level and quickness of the men and women who play. This year’s men’s champs, the Wes Davis Experience, were hard to stop: Ryan MacKinnon’s fierce determination, Ben Klassen’s steady play, Sam Wachob’s timely goals, Alex Mohandas’ ball handling, and Demi’s great goaltending made them a great team. And then there’s Mac Langford. He’s a pretty special player – easily one of the best that has played since I got here in 1999.”

Congratulations to the Wes Davis Experience on the well-deserved win this season!

George, as you play a pivotal role with incoming students, especially as you teach the University Studies course, what advice can you give to incoming or new students?

“Some words of advice to our new TyndaleU students: don’t hold back; dive in; and drink deeply of your Tyndale experience. Too often students tell me in their final year that they wish they had been more involved during their years at Tyndale. So as you begin in the fall of 2017, don’t be like them. Instead jump in with both feet, cultivate your life, bloom in areas you’ve never explored before, and deepen your faith in Christ. It’s going to be an amazing time!”

Can you please tell us how many sweater vests you own, and are they 100% wool?

“I have six sweater vests and I have to admit, I’m teased about them all the time. One year, two students changed the words to the Twelve Days of Christmas to mock my vests (or maybe it was me!). Four are cotton vests, one is virgin lamb wool, and the other is merino wool. If you’re ever thinking of a Christmas or birthday gift, now you know: vests (I’m an XL) and bow ties.”

Amazing. Please, never stop rocking them George!

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about George Sweetman and his role in the Tyndale community. Be sure to stop, chat with him and learn all you can from his seemingly unending amounts of wisdom.

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