Finding the Right Place at TyndaleU

University is always a big decision in people’s lives. But what if the university you’re at doesn’t feel right for you?

Student Blogger, Ryan MacKinnon, recently spoke with Scott Wessel, a current student at Tyndale, who after three years of focusing on a computer science degree, decided to transfer to Tyndale.

What were the factors that led you to transfer universities?

Ryan WesselI was three years into a program that I wasn’t enjoying. I thought about switching it up, but I wasn’t sure what it was that I wanted to do with my life. My grades started to slip, and eventually I realized that I was wasting my time on something I truly didn’t care about. I decided to work toward being truly happy with my career choice. And so, I looked into Tyndale and found that it was the right place for me to go.

What led you to stay once you transferred?

Well, I certainly stayed because I was now interested in what I was learning. I was intrigued by the things I was being taught.

But more than that, I stayed because of the community. After three years in such a large university, I had a small group of friends, some of who didn’t truly know me in any way. After three weeks at Tyndale, I had friends who truly cared about my well-being and wanted to know me intimately. Now, after two years at Tyndale, I have some of the closest friends I’ve ever had, and I don’t expect these friendships to die. These relationships are for life.

The professors were the same, in the fact that they wanted me to succeed. With their help, I have risen above the mediocrity I was struggling with before. Also, they have poured into my life in tough situations. I have met with my professors on countless occasions, seeking their wisdom and counsel. I can’t imagine being in a place that has been better for my spiritual and academic growth. 

What stood out about Tyndale that compelled you to come here?

Tyndale is a special place. When I first met with my Admissions Counsellor, I was worried my grades weren’t good enough. But despite having nearly failed out of school, I was given a chance. Tyndale took a shot on me when I was pretty sure that nobody would. They offered me a path and were so friendly and full of grace. I met with my Admissions Counsellor once and I was immediately set to spend the rest of my educational career in the halls of this beautiful campus, which I must say is a pretty great reason to go to Tyndale.

Scott’s journey is very unique to him and his situation, as everyone’s is. What is your story? We want to hear from you.

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