Monthly Archives: June 2017

Getting to the Deep End

Written by Brandon Andrade

Two students studyingDo you remember when you first learned to swim? When they wanted to bring you to the deep end and take off your life jacket? Some people casually paddle with help from the instructor. Some are too scared and need to be held the whole time while they nervously kick around.

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BBQ on Bayview

Exciting things are happening at Bayview Campus! The school has recently launched its new Apologetics stream as part of the Philosophy program; renovations are underway for a crosswalk so that students can cross Bayview more readily; and the gym is getting an addition with separate male and female locker rooms!

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From College to University: Why Tyndale?

An interview by student blogger Roxanne Oduro with Joshua Hayford, a transfer student from Seneca College, currently in his 3rd year at Tyndale.

What made you want to switch schools in the first place?

Joshua HayfordI was studying at Seneca College in the Social Service Worker program.

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