From College to University: Why Tyndale?

An interview by student blogger Roxanne Oduro with Joshua Hayford, a transfer student from Seneca College, currently in his 3rd year at Tyndale.

What made you want to switch schools in the first place?

Joshua HayfordI was studying at Seneca College in the Social Service Worker program. Seneca offered a transferring option for graduated students. I prayed and then enrolled into Tyndale’s SSW track. After a year of study at Tyndale, I transferred into the Biblical Studies and Theology program and will be minoring in Youth Ministry. The transition [from College to University] was very easy and quick because of the registration and administration staff members who helped me through the process.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when you started at Tyndale?

One of them definitely was the change in workload. For any university institution, the standard of academic excellence and vigor is greater. For Tyndale, critical thinking was expected when it came to learning and comprehending concepts. It was hard at times, yet rewarding. I didn’t expect to learn so much. I learned to look at different contexts with a new perspective from lessons taught in class and conversations outside of class. Who would have thought I would talk about the relationship between social issues and biblical scripture while eating lunch with other students and professors? Definitely not me, but you wouldn’t expect any less at Tyndale.

How has the change from college to university shaped you as a person?

Being in university made me critical in my thinking and understanding of the world and the variety of content that I was given the privilege to study. I had to learn how to organize and prioritize my life. I learned the importance of rest and personal devotion to God, especially when times were difficult. You can say being at Tyndale made me a better man.

What have you enjoyed about Tyndale?

What I really enjoyed at Tyndale is the community which has an array of students with different backgrounds (ethnicity, denomination, etc.) all on the same journey. With school clubs, events, sports, and our House Groups (shout out to Boehmer House), you will always have the opportunity to get involved.

How have the professors been supportive of you?

Tyndale professors are a special group of intellectuals who strive for the education and the development of Christian faith in the next generation. They all have their own teaching styles, personalities, specialties and personal experiences, and you can always expect something different from each professor (and a few jokes and TV references here and there). They’re willing to do all that they can to make sure their students are successful. By the end of your first semester, you would put “awesome professors” on the list of things you like about Tyndale, guaranteed!

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