A Refuge for the Stressed

Written by Ryan MacKinnon

Ben KlassenFor many students coming into university, writing your first university paper can be a very scary task. With thousands of words and grammar rules that make heads spin, paper writing can be an uphill battle.

This is true of students such as Brandon Andrade, a third year Tyndale student. Brandon had spent 4 years in the workplace after leaving high school in grade 11. He was terrified about writing his first university paper. During his first semester, Brandon decided to go to the Centre for Academic Excellence. He describes this experience as one of “teaching a non-academic worker how to write an academic, ‘A’ worthy paper.”

Ben Klassen had the privilege of working for the Centre this past year, and he gives us a little peek into his job.

What is the Centre for Academic Excellence? It is a free resource at Tyndale led by Lina Balsamo and her team of student Tutors and Writing Consultants. All students can book an appointment throughout the week to meet with specialists from nearly every major at Tyndale.

What did you do as a writing consultant? My main role was to provide support for students in whatever way I could. I met with students for hour-long consulting sessions and occasionally responded to requests and booked appointments. Sessions involve going over the assignment and improving it together. The Centre functions as a refuge for the stressed, especially during paper season, and we try to bring an atmosphere that equips them and gives them confidence to do their assignments.

Challenging and rewarding! Before Tyndale, I personally didn’t enjoy writing and didn’t do well in English classes or writing papers. (Gasp!) I’m still getting used to writing, but I’m glad this resource is available to me. It’s something I plan on using in the future.

The Academic centre is made for you, the students. And ‘free’ is always a win, especially for university students like us! Feel free to check out more about the Centre for Academic Excellence here!

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