Community Belonging

By Student Blogger Roxanne Oduro

From the moment I was accepted at Tyndale, I was in a constant state of anticipation. I was eager to begin my studies as a psychology student.

Fast-forward to Fall 2013. I was finally here. I was ready. I had a game plan, and I had an idea of what I would do once I graduated.

Within my first semester, I realized the program I was in was not what wanted to study. My first two years consisted of not knowing what my calling was. It led me to doubt if I fit in and if I had a specific role in the body of Christ.

Students on CampusIt’s important to be in a community where you feel you belong, even if you don’t know what you can bring to the table. The Tyndale community is just that – you can come as you are, no matter where you are in your journey. The community represents a part of the overall body of Christ.

The Tyndale community is a group of diverse people from different denominational and cultural backgrounds. Each person has a gift.

If you’re still unsure of what your calling is or what you want to do, it’s okay. It doesn’t mean you won’t fit in. As Paul expresses in one of his well-known letters, God has assigned to each person in the body of Christ a different role to play (1 Corinthians 12:14-18).

Maybe you initially had an idea about what you wanted to do, but the plan you had in mind wasn’t working. Maybe you don’t know what your role is yet, but you feel drawn to further your education and to find out what that role is.

If you decide to come to Tyndale, you will find academic and spiritual support from your professors and your classmates. There are ways to get involved that may help you hone or discover your gifts, such as intramural and varsity sports teams, events put on by student council, such as our famous coffeehouses, and clubs, such as the drama club and the social justice club.

Tyndale is a place to discover who you are and what you love – as you grow and learn, you will discover your role.

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