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Exploring Your Passions at Tyndale

Tyndale is a university where you have many opportunities to explore and deepen your passions through your classes and extra-curricular activities. These are just a few examples of the wide range of possibilities available to you:


Music is a passion shared by many.

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Sneak Peek at Next Year’s Student Council

The University College Student Council Executive Team for the 2015-2016 academic year was just voted in by the Tyndale university community. Here is your sneak peek for who your President and Vice Presidents are for the upcoming year!


Adam Morton – President

Year in September: Fourth Year

Program: Biblical Studies and Theology with a minor in Worship and Music Ministries

Career Goal: I would love to be involved in some sort of music-driven ministry (worship pastor,

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What in the World is a Coffeehouse?

Coffeehouses at Tyndale are classic events that are opportunities for us to spend time with friends and enjoy the amazing talent that Tyndale has to offer. In answering the following questions, I’m going to tell you what these exciting events at Tyndale are all about!

What is a Coffeehouse?

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How to Make the Most of Your Reading Week

Reading Week is a great opportunity to catch up on readings and assignments, as well as prepare for upcoming midterms. Or… you can take a break from university, take some time for yourself and maybe try something new. So as you’re thinking about what to do this upcoming Reading Week,

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How to Have the Best Christmas Break Ever

1. Go outside. As tempting as it sometimes is to take this opportunity to hide inside all day, Christmas break is a great time to use winter weather to your advantage. So do something! Skiing, snowboarding, skating. There are so many great options for embracing the cold weather.

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