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Sun’s Out, (Hamburger) Buns Out.

New Students BBQ 2016

bbq 2

These are exciting times at Tyndale University College & Seminary.

After a successful transition to Bayview Campus last year, the Admissions department, and the entire school as a whole, is gearing up for an academic year that is poised to build exponentially on the successes of Tyndale’s Bayview Campus.

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Who needs the Leafs? Tyndale Guardians on the Rise

In 2016, the Tyndale Guardians took the scene by storm as a team of excitable and talented newcomers hailing from the University, Seminary and Bachelor of Education programs at Tyndale. Throughout the winter semester, the newly unveiled team played in three tournaments around Ontario and acted as host in North York.

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5 things about Tyndale Frosh Week that you will not believe

Tyndale’s frosh week, Cultivate 2015, proved to be a unique and memorable experience. The first week of university is a time often characterized by heightened nerves, the initial shock of moving away and the elation of forming new friendships. This year’s orientation week allowed Tyndale’s frosh class to ease into this new phase of life with comfort and excitement.

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11 Types of People at Tyndale

The great thing about Tyndale is that even though our community is very diverse, we accept one another and we’re a family.

You’ll recognize these people in the Tyndale hallways, but if you come across a description that doesn’t fit anyone you know, it’s probably you!


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11 Fun Things To Do In Toronto

Sometimes you need to escape the university bubble and realize there’s a world outside of Tyndale. As a guy who likes to go out on the town with friends on a regular basis, I’ve come across some places and activities that I highly recommend for creating memories, strengthening friendships and making the most of your university experience.

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A Tyndale Student’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

“New year, new me.” We’ve all said it, and nobody’s meant it. But hey, 2015 is here so let’s give it another shot. Here are 12 ideas for New Year’s resolutions that will ensure a successful year.

Last year’s resolutions lasted for about two weeks, but it was the effort that counts.

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