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I Spy With My Little Eye…

On my first tour through Tyndale University College & Seminary’s Bayview campus I was immediately awestruck by the incredible art and architecture in the Chapel. I walked through this vast room and stared at all of the beautiful French stained glass windows that line the walls. The first picture to catch my eye was of a little elephant,

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Celebrating 120 Years at Tyndale Homecoming 2014

This year’s Homecoming event was a fantastic celebration of the 120 years of Tyndale’s history.

Over 350 alumni from 1944 to 2014 gathered together on September 27 at Tyndale’s Bayview Avenue campus in Toronto for a reunion, representing the legacy of Tyndale’s past history as Toronto Bible College,

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Discovering My Passion for Student Leadership

The first year that I applied to serve on the Student Leadership Team was in my second year at Tyndale. I was selected to be a Resident Advisor and was put in charge of a dormitory with another Resident Advisor and asked to come alongside first-year students as they navigate the university experience for the first time,

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