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Investigating the Human Mind: Tyndale’s Psychology Program

If you are one of those people who enjoys watching shows like Lie to Me, Criminal Minds, or psychological thriller movies, you may have more than a passing interest in Psychology. I caught up with Dr. Amanda Azarbehi, Professor of Psychology, to find out more about Tyndale’s Psychology program.

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Born for This: Discovering Your Calling Amongst the Possibilities

Our world is constantly in motion, propelled by progress and fixated on production. There is intense pressure to succeed and keep up or risk being left behind, and this is particularly palpable when choosing a career.

In Grade 12, the expectation to have my life mapped out before university caused me great anxiety.

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Looking Beyond University: How to Transition into Your Career

When we choose a university program, our ultimate goal is to have a career in that area. While there may be a lot of job openings out there, it is always important to know how to get them. So how do you set your path in the real world and make your university degree worth it?

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