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What is the Perfect Study Spot for You?


Kaitlyn Williams

BA Business Administration – International Development 
Fourth Year
Senior Student Admissions Representative 

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Introducing Dr. Ojong

Oct1915Classrooms-48Dr. Nathanael Ojong is the new Assistant Professor of International Development here at Tyndale. He has an amazing educational and experiential background, and brings so much insight into the International Development stream of our Business Administration program. I had the great opportunity to chat with him and learn some of his thoughts on the program.

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History, the Arab-Israeli Conflict and the Pursuit of Truth

History is most commonly described as the study of the past, but I see it as also being the active pursuit of truth in both the past and the present. Historians dedicate their lives to uncovering the mysteries of the past and revealing how these former events are crucial to the understanding of current events,

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10 Myths You Probably Believe About Tyndale University

It’s likely that you believe some myths about Tyndale that need to be corrected.

1. My parents need to be millionaires for me to attend Tyndale

Actually, 80% of our students receive some sort of financial aid!


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