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Working Abroad – Kaitlyn Williams’ Business Administration and International Development Internship Experience

I enrolled in Tyndale’s Business Administration – International Development because I had always had an interest in humanitarianism. Every course that I read about fascinated me, but the best part about the entire program for me is the three-month internship in Malawi, Africa! Travelling is something that I have always loved,

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Beyond the Classroom: Early Childhood Education

Tyndale’s Human Services – Early Childhood Education is a unique program tailored to students who want to gain a well-rounded education in the Early Childhood Education field. It combines three years of studying at Tyndale University College with one year of studying at Seneca college to allow students to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and a diploma.

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Introducing Dr. Ojong

Oct1915Classrooms-48Dr. Nathanael Ojong is the new Assistant Professor of International Development here at Tyndale. He has an amazing educational and experiential background, and brings so much insight into the International Development stream of our Business Administration program. I had the great opportunity to chat with him and learn some of his thoughts on the program.

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Born for This: Discovering Your Calling Amongst the Possibilities

Our world is constantly in motion, propelled by progress and fixated on production. There is intense pressure to succeed and keep up or risk being left behind, and this is particularly palpable when choosing a career.

In Grade 12, the expectation to have my life mapped out before university caused me great anxiety.

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Making an Impact in Moldova

Sarah Rennick is one of the university’s fourth year Business Administration – International Development students. This past September, Sarah travelled to Chisinau, Moldova, where she is currently interning with Beginning of Life, an organization that works toward the prevention of human trafficking and rehabilitates women who have experienced sexual exploitation.

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Looking Beyond University: How to Transition into Your Career

When we choose a university program, our ultimate goal is to have a career in that area. While there may be a lot of job openings out there, it is always important to know how to get them. So how do you set your path in the real world and make your university degree worth it?

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