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How Tyndale Students Connect

One of the many things Tyndale has taught me is that a university education is about more than getting good grades and getting the degree, though that too is important, but university education, in its entirety, is the process of understanding what it means to be humans. Part of this understanding comes from building connections with a myriad of individuals who help you grow,

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Born for This: Discovering Your Calling Amongst the Possibilities

Our world is constantly in motion, propelled by progress and fixated on production. There is intense pressure to succeed and keep up or risk being left behind, and this is particularly palpable when choosing a career.

In Grade 12, the expectation to have my life mapped out before university caused me great anxiety.

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Sneak Peek at Next Year’s Student Council

The University College Student Council Executive Team for the 2015-2016 academic year was just voted in by the Tyndale university community. Here is your sneak peek for who your President and Vice Presidents are for the upcoming year!


Adam Morton – President

Year in September: Fourth Year

Program: Biblical Studies and Theology with a minor in Worship and Music Ministries

Career Goal: I would love to be involved in some sort of music-driven ministry (worship pastor,

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Seeking Justice: Tyndale’s Social Justice Club

University is not only a wonderful opportunity to expand your intellectual capacities. It is a place to explore your passions and put what you are learning into practical use. Joining a student club allows you to develop your passions and skills outside of the classroom while building lifelong memories in the process.

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Discovering My Passion for Student Leadership

The first year that I applied to serve on the Student Leadership Team was in my second year at Tyndale. I was selected to be a Resident Advisor and was put in charge of a dormitory with another Resident Advisor and asked to come alongside first-year students as they navigate the university experience for the first time,

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