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A Refuge for the Stressed

Written by Ryan MacKinnon

Ben KlassenFor many students coming into university, writing your first university paper can be a very scary task. With thousands of words and grammar rules that make heads spin, paper writing can be an uphill battle.

This is true of students such as Brandon Andrade,

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8 Study Tips to Get You Through Exams

It’s that time of year again. Paper season.reserachpapermeme

Mid-November is the time of the semester when students hunker down to write papers and begin studying for exams. This can be a stressful time for may students, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got some study tips to help you make it through papers and exams,

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Preparing for University

I remember lying down on my bed thinking, “What can I do to get ready for Tyndale University College?” And I’m sure many of you have thought the very same thing; for that reason, I thought I’d help you get ready for Tyndale.


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How to Handle ‘Pre-Test Syndrome’ by Studying Smarter, Not Harder

It is Monday morning and there you sit, panic swirling inside your stomach, sweaty palms clutching your favourite pen, and a jumble of incoherent thoughts ranging from Louis IX to the square root of pi. These are classic symptoms of ‘pre-test panic’ – don’t worry, we have all been there.

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The Importance of Studying Literature

I’ve always loved English. Both of my parents read to me often when I was little (my dad read books to me by Edgar Rice Burroughs and Farley Mowat) and I’ve been writing stories for as long as I’ve been able to write. I knew that studying English in university was important for my own life and career choice,

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Hacks for Writing a University Paper

Nestled snuggly between midterms and final exams resides the dreaded paper season. This season — often accompanied by frequent raids on the campus café by students for anything sugar and caffeine-related — can be a terrifying experience. However, one of the benefits of a university education at Tyndale is that you acquire a certain skill set for written and verbal communication that is beneficial for any career.

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