Meet the Team


Brandon Andrade

BA Biblical Studies and Theology – Honours
Third Year
Student Admissions Representative

Hello! My name is Brandon, I’m a student at Tyndale. I’m originally from Cambridge, Ontario, but moved to the big city (Toronto!) for school. I’m passionate about God and how faith in Jesus reshapes and transforms every aspect of life. I’m an avid reader, particularly of fantasy novels and Christian biographies. I love good conversation and relaxing with friends but I can often be found sitting at the café reading a book.

Some facts about me? Sure! I’m a 90’s kid through and through, though some say I belong in the 70’s. I understand pop culture about as much as I understand the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow. I enjoy unnecessarily long walks and spend an unorthodox amount of time experimenting with recipes in the kitchen. I’m half Portuguese but can’t speak the language at all. I also don’t understand why people insist on standing in public transportation instead of sitting beside somebody.

In short, I’m a Tyndale Student; no less unusual than the rest and not a bit more unique. Check out my blogs!


Roxanne Oduro

BA English, minor in Biblical Studies and Theology
Fifth Year
Senior Student Admissions Administrator

Hi! My name is Roxanne Oduro. I currently live in Toronto, but I’m from Brampton, Ontario. I’m Jamaican and Ghanaian. When I’m not studying, I’m either reading, writing a story, eating pizza, or hanging out with my friends and eating pizza. I believe stories are meant to be shared. They help build character and inspire us. Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I’ve only been on an airplane twice…I was a baby so I have no memory of the experience
  • I’ve lived in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) all my life
  • I went camping in the middle of February
  • I love books and caffeine
  • I aspire to become an author someday

I hope that through these blogs you’ll be inspired and get a sense of what Tyndale is and what being a student here is all about!


Ryan McKinnon

BA Biblical Studies and Theology 
Third Year
Student Admissions Representative

Hi, I’m Ryan! I grew up in Markham, Ontario, and am heading into my third year of the Biblical Studies and Theology program. I am looking to use this degree to further my biblical knowledge to help me effectively pastor and/or further my ability to conduct global outreach. Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I love music and sports. You can often find me chatting about either or in the café.
  • I am Japanese! (My mother’s side)
  • I love hanging out with friends and meeting new people.

I hope that through my posts, you can get a glimpse of life at Tyndale and how we function as a community!