MHC: Day Two

Another late night for us here in Durrow. It’s currently 1:10 in the morning and Erica and I are just getting to bed. I nearly chose to skip today’s post and write tomorrow, but today was too amazing. Also, we have some massive prayer requests.

Today was our second day of holiday club in Mountrath. The children arrived and all have a chance to say yesterdays memory verse. Nearly all the children were able to say it! They also brought in “space jokes” to share with everyone, and that was a good laugh. It was encouraging to see so much participation. Hannah was in charge of reading out their jokes and she did a wonderful job embracing her inner comedian! ┬áMervyn taught the lesson from Daniel and today’s story was about King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. He talked to the children about how God came through and helped Daniel and his friends when they needed help. He told them that through prayer, God heard their needs and delivered them. After the lesson I (Lena) and one of the local girls lead the quiz. The quizzes helps them recall the information they learned the day before. You’re usually expected to have a challenge ready for the kids after they answer the questions to make it a bit more interactive. Today Hailey (my partner) and I got two jugs of juice and made the children drink as much as they could from a straw in ten seconds. The team that had drank the most won at the end of the quiz. It was great fun! Following the quiz the children had a snack of Milkyway and Mars bars, worked in their lesson booklets, and started their craft. Today they carved a bar of soap into various shapes. Most of the younger children just destroyed the soap and had a great time doing it. Erica led them in the Bible verse and Mervyn summarized the days teaching. Amanda gave a short testimony on a time when God helped her, and she did an amazing job! She encouraged a lot of the campers and the leaders as well! We cleaned up and shortly after the singing time, parents started to arrive.

We came back to the house in Durrow and had a wonderful dinner. Then we had our prayer meeting. We talked about various conversations we’d been able to have that day and the progress we’d been seeing with the children. I (Lena) reflected on a conversation I had with the Rector of the parish that was letting us use their building. He was telling me all about what the school system is like in Ireland, and what the relations are like between Protestants and Catholics in this area of the country. He told me he oversees about 6 churches in his parish and doesn’t have a lot of attendance at services. It was very enlightening to see Ireland through his eyes, and we were all very encouraged that he came out for another day of holiday club. We’ve also had some major breakthroughs with the other leaders, and we’re excited to get to know them better.

Afterwards, Jerush, Amanda, and Hannah walked into Durrow. Jerush found a gentleman from a local garage who gave her two free licence plates to add to the collection she has at home. She was beyond thrilled! Erica and I (Lena) went on an errand with Mervyn. When we were all back and had had tea, us girls planned our major outing. Mervyn connected us with a man who is going to drive us into Limerick (about an hour from Durrow) where we can catch a bus and go on a tour of Clare, and Galway. We’ll be going on that excursion this Saturday! Be sure to look for pictures of that adventure!

Prayer requests:

  • We have 3-4 girls who we’ve connected with through the holiday club who might be coming to camps in the next three weeks. We’ve approached their mum with the hopes that they’ll be allowed to come to camp. We’re really praying they book in for camp and that they benefit from the teaching and the lessons. This is a major prayer request–there are many other details that I won’t disclose, but please pray that these lovely girls end up at camp!
  • Pray for team unity and that we will really focus on the work at hand.
  • PRAISE: My (Lena) headaches haven’t been as bad today! But they’re still here, so please pray they go away.
  • Pray for Mervyn and Rachel as they finish up this week’s holiday club and get ready for the next three weeks of camp.
  • Pray for the children coming to camp next week and that their hearts are open and softened to the Word.
  • PRAISE: We had another male leader offer to help today! But we could still use some more help, so please pray for that!
  • Pray for the children who came to camp last year but are being kept from camp this year for whatever reason. Pray that God would continue to being Christian influences into their lives.

And because it’s 1:40am, I’ll sign off there. Please please please keep us in your prayers. Feel free to show your support and comment, or just let us know that you’re praying from the other side of the ocean. Thanks for your care and love.


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