Welcome to Team Ireland

Dia duit! Or hello in Irish!

Did you know Ireland has it’s own language, called Gaelic? You do now. If you’re here it’s because you know someone, or heard about the team heading to Ireland this summer. Thank you for taking the time to come and see what it is all about! This year we have an exciting team, lead by Lena Rigby as she heads back to the Emerald Isle for a third time. She is assisted by Erica Farnworth, who is heading back for her second time. The rest of the team is made up of Roxanne Oduro, Caleb Mortley and last but certainly not least, John Gould. If you want to know what these fine folk will be getting up to while in Ireland head over to the Our Mission┬ásection of the site. Or, should you want to financially support them, please head over to the Support┬ásection and follow the instructions for online donating.

One thing I am asked constantly about this particular mission is, “Are you sure this isn’t a vacation? I mean Ireland?” And to that I say, does Jesus work any less hard in a developed nation then in a developing nation? Christ is in Ireland, he’s hard at work restoring a lost faith. Ever since Saint Patrick himself first preached the gospel, Ireland has had a rich heritage of Christian tradition. But like a lot of traditions, it has lost its way, and meaning. it is now evermore important to be working with the youth of Ireland to reassure them of the love of Christ and that you can have a personal relationship with him. This team enters into a poor area just outside Dublin, where church is something you go to when your grandparent takes you. They have a real challenge of making an old and stale faith into an exciting and life giving relationship with God. I recently had the opportunity to travel to Ireland to meet with the missionary family that this team will be working with. It was an amazing blessing, and I am now convinced more than ever of the importance of this mission. I would ask that you pray for this team, and partner with them on this journey to a strange and yet eerily familiar land. Pray that they bring that excitement of faith, and not the doldrums of a broken church. Pray that they partner with Christ in the work he is doing in that land. Pray how you can support them through encouragement and partnership.

If you have any questions about Tyndale Missions or Team Ireland, feel free to ask!

James Brooks – Coordinator for Global and Community Engagement

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