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Welcome to our first official blogposting for Team Ireland! (Sorry ahead of time as I’ve never written a blog before).

We arrived in Ireland yesterday morning after six hour flight from Toronto. We made it to the Tombs house in Durrow and were fed a huge brunch before some of us had a nap to catch up on the lack of sleep from travelling.

This post will be a nice little intro about all our team members, so you can hopefully get to know us a bit more! Everyone has written their own little introduction about themselves, so without further adieu:


My name is Matt Myles and I grew up in a Christian home and “became a Christian” when I was seven, I’ve worked at lots of camps and am excited to work at a new one in Ireland. I’ve recently received my degree in history and teaching and ultimately would like to teach history to high schoolers. I like to play volleyball and have been on many different teams, some more competitive than others. I’m excited to see how God will challenge our team and how he will work through us during our time in Ireland.




My name is Nupur James and I am from India, I moved to Canada about a year ago to pursue my higher education, it has been beautiful so far. I am doing my Masters of Divinity majoring in Pastoral Ministry. It’s not like I always wanted to be a Pastor, I was so fond of airplanes, and to be honest I still am, so in my undergrad I studied engineering, majoring in aerospace. I know, quite a change. I never thought I would be called to be in ordained ministry, but what do you do “When God calls you, you better leave everything and follow Him” So I did exactly that and I don’t regret it a bit. I cannot wait to go to Ireland because it is my very first step towards my ministry, I want to learn about different cultures and spread the love of God. The only thing my heart longs for is to reach out to younger generations. It is going to be wonderful experience. I am a total science geek I love everything about science, I hate “Sports”  and “walking” but my team mates seem to love it so I am going to try it. I am very excited and looking forward for the trip.


Hey I’m Jon Gould and I’m one of the co-leaders of the team along with Caleb Mortley. I have grown up in the church for the majority of my life, and I became a Christian during Sunday school when I was 4. I had the pleasure of being on the Ireland mission team last summer and I can’t wait to return this summer and be able to pour into the lives of the kids and to make new friendships and develop the ones that I already have. Fun fact, I’m from Maine which is the closest state to Ireland and Africa.





Hi! I’m Caleb Mortley and I am co-leading the Ireland team this year with Jon. When I was four I was living with my parents as missionaries in the Dominican Republic and I made commitment to start my walk with Christ. I’ve been blessed to grow up in an awesome Christian family. I am just finishing up my last year at Tyndale with a BA in Biblical Studies and Theology. I was on the Ireland team last year and loved it so much, that I decided to come back! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us this year! (My girlfriend also happens to live here, so that’s a big plus).



We just finished our first day of Holiday club and it went really well! The theme of  of the club is Polar Explorers, so it fits in well with us  coming from Canada. The lesson today was that you can never make too many mistakes for God to forgive you. The kids also got to make polar bear masks in keeping with the whole “Polar Explorers” theme.

We would love continued prayer while we keep doing ministry this week in the club and start Discovery Camp next week! We hope to keep this blog updated as often as possible!

From: Team Ireland


Our Ireland team with our two honorary members Lena and Erica!

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