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Meet the Team!

Welcome to our first official blogposting for Team Ireland! (Sorry ahead of time as I’ve never written a blog before).

We arrived in Ireland yesterday morning after six hour flight from Toronto. We made it to the Tombs house in Durrow and were fed a huge brunch before some of us had a nap to catch up on the lack of sleep from travelling.

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Blog posting!

Hello people of Tyndale…and the world. We’re currently learning about how to post blogs. We will keep you updated once we learn how to do this better. We’ll have a blog coming about what’s actually going on with the team! Peace out.Photo on 2015-03-26 at 4.25 PM

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Welcome to Team Ireland

Dia duit! Or hello in Irish!

Did you know Ireland has it’s own language, called Gaelic? You do now. If you’re here it’s because you know someone, or heard about the team heading to Ireland this summer. Thank you for taking the time to come and see what it is all about!

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Just A Few Snapshots

03 Ireland Blog 10 Ireland Blog






06 Ireland Blog 12 Ireland Blog

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Discovery Camp

mountrathteamSincerest apologies for the lack of posts in the past week or so. The internet here was a bit out of sorts for a while, and then with camp starting up, we had no time to update at all.

Our week in Mountrath finished off wonderfully.

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MHC: Day Two

Another late night for us here in Durrow. It’s currently 1:10 in the morning and Erica and I are just getting to bed. I nearly chose to skip today’s post and write tomorrow, but today was too amazing. Also, we have some massive prayer requests.

Today was our second day of holiday club in Mountrath.

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Mountrath Holiday Club: Day One

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 1.29.09 AMToday was the first day of our holiday club in Mountrath. We left Durrow at about “half nine” and got into Mountrath around 1o. The children started pouring in not soon after, and we settled around 30 kids for the whole morning. Mervyn started off the club by introducing all the leaders and getting the ground rules set out for the children.

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At Knocknagrally

Hello Friends and Family!

Let this blog post herby verify that we are in fact alive and well. We had no trouble at all with our flight into Dublin (Thanks AirTransat for not messing anything up) and we’re spending the day getting ready for our very busy week!

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As I sit in my living room with every article of clothing I own on the floor, I’m swept up by nostalgia. This time last year, almost down to the day, I had the same scene before me. I sat in my Uncle’s living room and stayed up until 4am listening to Elton John and Alexi Murdoch,

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Say Hello To Our Team!

Hello there friends, family, and members of our wonderful community at Tyndale. I figured it was time to put some faces to those of us that are heading to Ireland in less than 30 days. We’ve been meeting as a team for a couple of months now, praying together and discussing the work ahead of us this summer.

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