Exam Time Tips

Tyndale’s reading week is over, springtime’s right around the corner, and final exams are fast approaching. Here are some tips that students at Tyndale are giving each other to help them get through this stressful time and into summer break.

  1. Start early. By starting your studies early,

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Top 10 things your student should do at university

As your student approaches the beginning of their university journey, here are some tips to share with them from current Tyndale students for how to get the most out of the experience.

1)  Ask the hard questions – you will be inspired to learn.

2)  Get involved – choose volunteer opportunities that will help you put the skills you learn in the classroom into practice.

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What does a Tyndale university education look like?

At Tyndale, your son or daughter will find their faith nurtured as they develop a foundational Christian worldview as well as a solid university education that will launch them into the next chapter of their lives, whether it be further education or a first job.

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Supporting your student through the adjustment period


The first semester is always an adjustment, no matter how long your student has been in school. Changing up a routine is never an easy task. Life is complicated; it’s a balancing act. Everyone handles change differently. So how can you help your student through this adjustment period?

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The President’s Address – Tyndale Dedication Service

The Tyndale Dedication Service was a time to join together in worship and praise, thanking God for His guidance and provision. In the President’s Address, Dr. Nelson spoke of Tyndale’s 10 year journey to Bayview as an incredibly stretching experience: “If you followed this journey, the tone of this celebration is simply the deep and abiding sense that we have been on a journey with God.”

“We need a place like Tyndale in a strategic city like Toronto,” said Dr.

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Things you may not know about Tyndale


Tyndale provides many different types of support for our students:

  1. Physical care opportunities

    • Academic support from the Dean of Students and the Center for Academic Excellence and Accessibility Services
    • Residence support from the Resident Advisors and the Residence Life Director
    • Athletic support from the Campus Recreation Coordinator
    • Financial support from our Student Financial Services department
    • Healthy food options through our dietitians in the Food Services department.

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The Tyndale Experience

Parents, at Tyndale we recognize the trust that you’re handing over to us. Here are a few things that I want to tell you about the Tyndale Experience that will put your mind at ease.

Every student matters. Our Student Life department’s commitment is to make sure every student at Tyndale has the opportunity to grow and develop in a safe community.

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What is a University College?

Dr. Barry Smith, Senior Vice President Academic, University College & Student Engagement, describes what a University College is and how Tyndale is unique:

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Letter from the President

Dear Parents and Family,

When my daughter was exploring opportunities for a university education, I found myself caught in two tensions. I wanted her to have the best education possible and at the same time to find a place where faith and character would be formed. In the most critical transformational time in her life,

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