Exam Time Tips

Tyndale’s reading week is over, springtime’s right around the corner, and final exams are fast approaching. Here are some tips that students at Tyndale are giving each other to help them get through this stressful time and into summer break.

  1. Start early. By starting your studies early, you will feel Oct1915Classrooms-39less of a need to cram when exam week starts. This will give you the time needed to understand the material and figure out those difficult concepts.
  2. Set goals. Find out what you need to know and break it down into smaller sections. This will help you feel accomplished and make the content more manageable.
  3. Talk to professors. Tyndale professors get to know their students personally, so they are able to offer advice that fits you. They can answer questions about exam format as well as specific tips to help focus your studying.
  4. Take breaks. There is only so much you can do in one sitting. To keep yourself from becoming stressed, take a fifteen minute break every two hours. This is a good way to give yourself the chance to process what you learned.
  5. Sleep well. Getting a good night’s sleep will help you feel more awake during the exam. A lack of rest can cause stress and will keep you from focusing properly. So try to get eight to nine hours of sleep the night before.

At the end of the day, what students really need is to understand that others believe in them and will be proud of them no matter the outcome. As the June high school exams are fast approaching, we hope these Tyndale student tips will help your student get the most out of their studying.

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