The Tyndale Experience

Parents, at Tyndale we recognize the trust that you’re handing over to us. Here are a few things that I want to tell you about the Tyndale Experience that will put your mind at ease.

Every student matters. Our Student Life department’s commitment is to make sure every student at Tyndale has the opportunity to grow and develop in a safe community. From small groups to dorm events, from our insane love for floor hockey to our student-led plays, from our counselling services to our writing centre, every student matters! This is the Tyndale experience.

We are diverse on purpose. The Tyndale experience reflects both the world and the church in that we are intentionally a diverse community of Christians who come from 60 different culture groups and over 40 different denominations. There are so many different life experiences and perspectives in one community. How great is it that your son or daughter could have a chance to live and learn in a community like this?  Wouldn’t the alternative be so boring?

We prepare students for their future. Your son or daughter will be in a class with an average size of 22 taught by professors who are academic experts in their field. They will be challenged to critically work through the issues and topics at hand, grounded in a solid Christian worldview. Thanks to their Tyndale experience they’ll leave ready to enter their chosen careers as confident leaders who will make a difference in their field and for Christ.

I have just scratched the surface of what the Tyndale experience is all about, so I hope that, as parents, you will take the time to ask us questions, come visit us, and learn as much as you can about every aspect of this place. Your perspective matters, and we’re here as an Admissions team to help you and your son or daughter decide that Tyndale is the university for them.

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