Things you may not know about Tyndale


Tyndale provides many different types of support for our students:

  1. Physical care opportunities

    • Academic support from the Dean of Students and the Center for Academic Excellence and Accessibility Services
    • Residence support from the Resident Advisors and the Residence Life Director
    • Athletic support from the Campus Recreation Coordinator
    • Financial support from our Student Financial Services department
    • Healthy food options through our dietitians in the Food Services department.
    • Personal support through the Tyndale community, faculty and Counselling Services
  2. Spiritual opportunities

    • Chapels twice a week
    • Bible study groups
    • Churches within walking or public transit distance
    • Friends that pray for each other
  3. Stress-relieving opportunities

    • An active intramural program for the whole Tyndale community
    • Coffee houses
    • Talent nights
    • A variety of other outings provided by the Student Council and the Residence Team.
    • Tyndale‚Äôs vibrant artistic community
  4. Thriving community that unites commuters with residence, freshman with upper-class, students with staff and faculty.

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