Top 10 things your student should do at university

As your student approaches the beginning of their university journey, here are some tips to share with them from current Tyndale students for how to get the most out of the experience.

1)  Ask the hard questions – you will be inspired to learn.

2)  Get involved – choose volunteer opportunities that will help you put the skills you learn in the classroom into practice. It looks great on a resumé!

3)  Education (specifically a liberal arts education) is meant to make you a better person. It is meant to “restore the ruins of our first parents” (the poet John Milton said that), by teaching you a number of different subjects. So, enjoy your required courses even if they aren’t in your field. Each subject builds on others, and together they are meant to not only prepare you for your future job, but to make you a better person.

4)  Take time to organize your classes, extracurricular activities and homework – it will help you keep on top of things. Time management is important.

5)  Ask questions in class! Professors love questions.

6)  Don’t believe everything you read or are taught without doing more research.

7)  Ask an upper-year student to share their university experience with you over a cup of coffee. Use this opportunity to build your network early on. Learn from them so you can make the most of your time at university.

8)  Discuss your ideas with people who agree with you and also with those who disagree with you – it will help you see your viewpoints from a fresh perspective.

9)  On your own, work through important concepts and come up with concrete definitions for them. Then memorize them. You should always know what you mean when you use a word, even if it is a common word like “love” or “claim” or “education.” Having a specific definition in your mind will help you make connections and will make the learning process that much deeper.

10)  Ask questions after class. Go to your professor’s office. Talk to them about what you’re learning or what you’re struggling with (or anything at all really). Their job is to teach you about things that they love. Don’t give up the opportunity to learn from an expert (plus they love when students ask questions).


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