Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Truth About God’s Plan for Your Life

A few days ago, I sat in on one of Peter Dickens’ leadership breakfasts on Leading Change. And I got an unexpected insight from a discussion that came up when Peter was talking about simple, complicated and complex aspects of life. Church people have long had this saying that “God has a plan for your life,”

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When God Uses Measurable Business Results to Promote His Enterprise

Think that God’s work is confined to church buildings and Christian conference halls? Think again! God loves to show off in the marketplace.

In fact, the worlds of the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures were worlds of business, trade, commerce and politics, just as they are today.

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Coaching as a Block Buster

As a leadership coach, I receive many inquiries about the value of coaching. The other day, I had just such a call. The man had gotten my name from a trusted friend who recommended my services.

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Is Leading Change Wearing You Out?


For some, change can be exhilarating and an opportunity to learn and grow. For many others, however, it is mental, physically and spiritually exhausting.

We find ourselves obsessing over how “we” can get “them” to change or at least stop resisting the changes we want to make.

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5 Things Every Leader Should Give Up for Lent

There’s more to Lent than giving up coffee and “social media fasts.” During a discussion with a group of leaders for a leading change workshop last week, the topic of Lent came up and we spent a few minutes marveling at some of the meaningful, controversial – and crazy –

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