Monthly Archives: September 2015

Where Have All the Good People Gone?

I regularly have conversations with business owners and organizational leaders who lament the apparent lack of talent and promise in the people available for hiring.

They reach all sorts of fascinating and distorted conclusions about people’s willingness to work. They particularly like to question the willingness and ability of Millennials to commit to an organization or a career.

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Practicing Facilitative Leadership

“Facilitative Leadership” is a term that pulls together concepts about leadership paradigms and practices, many of them stemming from the concept of “servant leadership,” which was widely introduced by Robert Greenleaf in the 1970’s and developed by many others since then.

Exploring ideas around facilitative leadership has the advantage of integrating skills related to certain leadership activities with related thoughts and attitudes.

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Practicing Reflective Leadership

Popular wisdom tells us, “You shouldn’t make a major decision during a crisis.”  I’m not sure I completely agree with this adage.

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Leader Identity: Being a Leader Without Being In Charge

These are challenging times for leaders and it begins with the simple question, “Who am I?”

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