About Tyndale Leadership Centre


Thank you for your ongoing contribution to Christian leadership. Thank you also for your patience with us as we’ve been going through a transition at the Tyndale Leadership Centre since the untimely passing of our previous director, Dr. Peter Dickens. Many of you became connected to the Leadership Centre through Peter’s influence and we are missing him here.

My name is Dr. Michael Krause and I am the R.J. Bernardo Family Assistant Professor of Leadership at Tyndale Seminary and the new director of the Tyndale Leadership Centre. You can see my profile on the Tyndale website. We’ve been slowly making changes to the website and we will be reviving the leadership blog this summer. Rethink Leadership is focused on spreading ideas about leadership and change. If you are in a position of leadership in a church, para-church, non-profit organization, or your own business – or aspire to be – then this blog is for you.

We’re experimenting with some leadership training in the form of a series of Saturday courses that deal with the fundamentals of organizational leadership. Last September, we launched our first course, called “Servant Leadership: Being the Leader God Wants You to Be.” Future courses (2018) will include “Strategic Management,” “Integrity and Financial Management” and “Conflict Management and Transformation.” See the events page for more details.

We will also be partnering with a variety of experienced leaders and innovative organizations in the city to present “The Leadership Series,” an ongoing, non-degree based leadership development training series designed to provide low cost training for your leaders on a variety of leadership topics. Again, see the events page for upcoming Leadership Series events.

I’m always open to ideas and visits from leaders who may be working in the area or just passing through. If you’d like to see something specific that Tyndale could offer, please pass it on and we’ll see what we can do.

Thanks again for your partnership,

Dr. Michael Krause

R.J. Bernardo Family Assistant Professor of Leadership & Ministry
3377 Bayview Avenue, Room C414
Toronto, ON  M2M 3S4
Tel: 416-226-6620 x2239