When God Uses Measurable Business Results to Promote His Enterprise

Think that God’s work is confined to church buildings and Christian conference halls? Think again! God loves to show off in the marketplace.

In fact, the worlds of the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures were worlds of business, trade, commerce and politics, just as they are today.

Maybe it’s time that we took a second look at familiar stories to appreciate God’s power at work in the marketplace – then and now.

Daniel’s Shrewdness Gave Him a Critical Edge

Daniel 1 tells of Daniel and his three colleagues from Judah undergoing a three-year on-boarding process into Babylonian service.

Daniel felt that the diet mandated by the king would defile the four of them, so he asked their chief officer to be excused from this diet.  The chief officer immediately declined their request, because he did not want to risk his life on account of them looking visibly weaker than the others.

Daniel solved this problem by proposing a no-risk ten-day trial. Verse 15 recounts that “At the end of the ten days they looked healthier and better nourished than any of the young men who ate the royal food.”

The results of their faith were visible, measurable and gave them greater credibility than their colleagues.  This opened the door for them to serve the king directly.

Jesus Turned Around a Struggling Entrepreneur

In Luke 5, Jesus solved a major business problem for a struggling entrepreneur.  His name was Simon.  He and his business partners ran a fishing company.

Jesus preached from Simon’s boat, drawing a huge crowd – every one of them a potential client!  Unfortunately, Simon could not capitalize on this rare opportunity because they caught no fish that day, and now they were packing up their nets.

After preaching, Jesus – a business man himself – gave Simon some free business advice.  Simon decided to execute on that advice and the result was a record number of fish caught.  Having solved their business problem with measurable results, Jesus had their attention and easily convinced them to join His team.

Jesus established credibility with these business leaders by solving their business problem.  Then and only then did He invite them to join Him in His Kingdom Enterprise: the same enterprise that you and I are a part of today as believers in Him.

You Are Where You Are For a Reason

God takes an active interest in business.  He wants to use you, right where you are in the marketplace to show off His Kingdom to others, so that you can invite them in.  He partners with you to make your company so innovative and productive that it commands the attention of partners, competitors and industry analysts.  What a privilege it is to be a part of God’s front-line marketing team!

An Opportunity to Go Further

The importance of your work is greater than you realize. God has called you to the marketplace to have a social impact, and you play a unique and crucial part in God’s Kingdom. Every year, the team at Hanna Strategy Group holds a conference to help leaders and business people in the marketplace to grow in their unique calling.

If you are wondering how you can lean into your sense of calling, sign up for the 2015 Business for Life Conference happening in Toronto on Thursday, April 23rd. Once a year, this conference gathers business leaders from across the country who are actively transforming the world around them through their business. We don’t want you to miss out.

This will be a strategic point in the year for you to take the time to be affirmed, inspired and equipped so that you can continue your ministry with renewed strength and excitement. Join us by registering online today.

Picture29Michael Hanna
Michael Hanna is the co-founder and president of Hanna Strategy Group, established to develop a global community of inspired business leaders that are transforming society through business.  He has helped dozens companies achieve repeatable double-triple growth. Together with his wife Dana, Michael joyfully serves as a Pastor at Gateway City Church (Toronto).  Michael also sits on several boards, helping them to increase their impact on the community. Michael’s lifelong passion is to prove that everyone can be stunningly successful in business, family and community, none at the expense of the other.

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  1. Leave it to God to direct me to this page. Because before putting together today’s proposal, I was building a company (I’m a Kingdom Man). God, through His miraculous nature said; “that’s just what you thought you were doing!” Now He has me building a Global company supporting a global ministry that will minister to Unreached People Groups (UPG’s) all over the world. The blessing is perfect for me!!! Thank You for allowing God to speak thru you to business guys!

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