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Where Have All the Good People Gone?

I regularly have conversations with business owners and organizational leaders who lament the apparent lack of talent and promise in the people available for hiring.

They reach all sorts of fascinating and distorted conclusions about people’s willingness to work. They particularly like to question the willingness and ability of Millennials to commit to an organization or a career.

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The 5 Minds of a Manager

McGill professor Henry Mintzberg’s, one of the leading thinkers on management and strategy, suggests that effective managers operate with 5 distinct mindsets, mostly simultaneously:

“There are five ways in which managers interpret and deal with the world around them. Each has a dominant subject,

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Inclusive Leadership May Be More Relevant Than Ever

There is a popular “truth” out there that, in times of crisis, we need forceful leaders to independently make decisions.

People will often cite examples such as an impending crash to justify the pilot making decisions on his or her own, on the basis that seconds count (which is true) and that the pilot alone has the fast-thinking ability to avoid disaster (which is not necessarily true).

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