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The Truth About God’s Plan for Your Life

A few days ago, I sat in on one of Peter Dickens’ leadership breakfasts on Leading Change. And I got an unexpected insight from a discussion that came up when Peter was talking about simple, complicated and complex aspects of life. Church people have long had this saying that “God has a plan for your life,”

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When God Uses Measurable Business Results to Promote His Enterprise

Think that God’s work is confined to church buildings and Christian conference halls? Think again! God loves to show off in the marketplace.

In fact, the worlds of the Old Testament and New Testament scriptures were worlds of business, trade, commerce and politics, just as they are today.

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My Journey Out of Missions Work

Whenever a Christian student in our circle landed a great job, my friends and I would joke that they’d “joined the rat race.”

Supposedly, we were only joking. But the kinds of jokes we directed at other people’s lifestyle choices were telling. They reaffirmed our values – and perhaps our sources of pride –

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Where in the World is Jesus Not Lord?

David the Shepherd-King wrote that there was no place in creation where God was not present:

Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence? If I ascend to heaven, you are there! If I make my bed in Sheol, you are there!

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Where the Heck is Kyrgyzstan?

Back in the winter of 1995 – Lord, that’s 20 years ago now! – my dearest friend Mike called from Atlanta.

Mike and I had been friends and business associates for five years by then. We shared a passion for understanding what made organizations tick. Mike, a former pastor and now business professional,

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How are Leaders Like Gardeners?

The sower, the seeds, the mustard seed in Matthew; the vine and the branches in John. Over and over, Jesus uses images and parables from the land to help others understand the Kingdom of God. Is he simply writing contextually, using agrarian language for an agrarian economy? If so, wherein lies the eternal nature of his message?

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