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4 Traits of an Adaptive Organization

In the last few blog posts, we have been talking about the nature of organizational culture. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the best possible culture to support environments where there is a high degree of change or what Courtney (2001) calls residual uncertainty.

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Is Leading Change Wearing You Out?


For some, change can be exhilarating and an opportunity to learn and grow. For many others, however, it is mental, physically and spiritually exhausting.

We find ourselves obsessing over how “we” can get “them” to change or at least stop resisting the changes we want to make.

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Leading Organizations, Episode 2: Why Control is Over-Rated

Our leadership of complex organizations has to go beyond intricately detailed strategies and linear expectations of growth if we expect them to thrive. More and more, leaders are finding that understanding organizations as living organisms, rather than machines, helps them describe and navigate the realities of their world today.

Every Organization Has a Life of Its Own

Unlike machines,

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