Greetings from Zambia

Over 18 + hours of sitting on planes the Zambia team has finally arrived in Choma, Zambia. We had safe flights and even got a day to explore central London when we had a stopover.  This included traveling on the tube, seeing Buckingham Palace, visiting Trafalgar Square and many more sites.

Upon landing in Livingstone we were all thrilled to finally be in Zambia. The missionaries, Lucky, Dorothy and their two year old son Niza and their relative Purity welcomed us into their home. Our first full day (May 26) we met with the Zambian volunteers from Scripture Union we will be working with. All these volunteers commit time to ministering to students in schools and sharing the Gospel. It was especially exciting to worship together and share a devotional from Psalm 37. We started off with a firm foundation of purposefully delighting ourselves in the Lord as we  come together to serve in Choma.

Additionally, the majority of the day (May 26) was spent getting to know one another. We shared a traditional Zambian dish called Nshima. Then spent the afternoon playing volleyball and net ball with the team. Also, a spontaneous dance party and sharing many laughs helped form wonderful bonds. Another part of our day was spent preparing the first program for a local school . We discussed Galatians 2:1-10 and prepared a skit for the class we would be presenting to (grade 8-10).

Overall, our experience of Zambia and the people we have meet are positive and we continue to anticipate the weeks ahead. We are thankful for the way God  has already answered our prayers and has so much to accomplish in Choma. Thank you for those who have had our team in your thoughts and we ask you would continue to pray for the work we will be involved with. Specifically, pray that we would be strong in putting on the full armor of God as we serve (Ephesians 6:10-20). Also, may you pray for the Scripture Union team and Lucky and Dorthy’s ministry.

Thank you again for your support and please stay tuned for updates.

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