“Are You Fine?”

Peace and love to you from team Zambia! Over the past few days we have all had the experience of learning about the affectionate people of Zambia. From visiting the market and sharing our experience with the Scripture Union team who helped us through the Market, to visiting new schools.

One day we spent an afternoon at a government school teaching a lesson on family. The programs we present are significant issues among youth and the Scripture Union team who has the liberty to discuss these concerns, as Zambia is a Christian nation. By presenting a skit about family dynamics, singing songs and having Caitlin share about God’s role in families. Another day we drove about an hour away to a village school piling 14 of us into a 6 passenger jeep traveling over rough terrain, as the second vehicle broke down. Upon arriving at the new school we split up into smaller groups to present a lesson on self-esteem to the older students. This was also the first time a translator was needed when teaching the lesson, as the local language Tonga is spoken more than English in the villages. Then Lischa and a Scripture Union volunteer sung songs with the little ones. On the way back from the school we stopped on the side of the road to eat lunch under the sunshine.

On Saturday afternoon children from a local orphanage, Most High came to Dorthy and Lucky’s home to play games. We also had the chance to share a Bible story about Moses and sing songs. The most embarrassing moment was doing Bible games and each time the Zambian children won showing how well they know the Word of God.

Overall each person on our team is embracing the Zambian way of life. We have even learned to work around power outages and no water for two days and planned lessons quickly. It is very common for Zambian’s to ask how a person is doing by saying, “are you fine?” We can respond as a team that we are indeed fine, even though processing many new experiences. Although we do ask that you would pray for our health, as almost each person on the team at one time has felt sick in some form. Also, we have many schools to visit and opportunities to share about God. Please pray we would do our best for God with the time ahead. (You may find a prayer in Ephesians 3:16-21 that we desire to fulfill).

Take care and talk to you soon.

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