Cruising the Zambezi River

Our time in Zambia has come to an end which is bittersweet. While spending time debriefing together as a team before departing we have also had time to enjoy some activities. From elephant rides, bungee jumping and safaris we have all experienced a new side to Zambia.  As a team we were also able to reflect together and spend one of our final nights in Zambia watching as the sunset along the Zambezi River.

The boat was very fancy and being among so many white people was very different from our time in Choma. We decided to take up on this opportunity to cruise one of the longest rivers in Africa. We were offered multiple sodas and snacks along the way as we took in our surrounding. Spotting hippos and crocodiles really made this experience surreal. Most of all the sunset was incredible as we cruised along the river.

The most exciting and unexpected part of this cruise we had planned as a team is that it never happened. None of us cruised the Zambezi River that night, or watched the sunset or saw wildlife. The change of events that evening was never arranged and although we were disappointed we accepted the new plans that evening. What did occur was growth in our team compared to first arriving in Zambia. Each of us accepted the cancellation of our planned boat cruise due to no functioning credit machine to pay for the trip. We were also still able to spend quality time with each other and make the most out  of the evening at the market.

Lastly, today as we prepare to head home and endure the three flights that will take us back to Toronto we have many memories to reflect on, but the cruise along the Zambezi River will never be one of those memories. However, we will recall the cruise that never happened and the many other unexpected turns we experienced in Zambia. Also, please pray for the team’s safety and health as we travel. In addition, saying a final goodbye to Dorothy, Lucky and Niza will be difficult, but we pray we will one day meet again. Finally, thank you for your continued support and prayers throughout our trip and we look forward to sharing more of the ways God lead us.

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