The Wedding Crashers

Over the past while we have been able to be a part of a variety of ministry whether teaching in schools or women’s groups at church. Jenny has also had numerous opportunities to speak to different schools and share her testimony offering hope in Jesus to students and adults with disabilities. The rest of the team has been working closely with Scripture Union going into schools teaching about freedom, self-esteem, communication, family, love and other topics. As well, we have all been sharing our testimonies to students here in Zambia.

Along with participating in a diversity of ministry we have also had exciting experiences of Zambian culture. On Saturday June 6, in the late evening we were brought to a hall where a large gathering of people surrounded the building. The whole team entered to over 300 Zambian’s celebrating the marriage of a couple we had never met. Together we were able to observe and even join in the celebration by helping to serve the dinner, greeting the whole wedding party- including the sad looking bride (do to cultural reasons of not being allowed to look happy) and overly excited maid of honor. Later we even danced to the music and were in amazement of the way Zambians know how to dance. Even the cutting of the cake included a little girl dancing with a knife up the aisle. The night was one to remember and a neat experience of the culture.

Another experience was that our team was split into pairs and hosted for two nights with the members of Scripture Union and their families. This experience allowed each of us to gain a new perspective of life in Zambia and get to know more about where the Scripture Union volunteers come from. We were fed delicious Zambian food (some of us might have even gained a few pounds), we enjoyed the market and some even helped with house chores. This was a wonderful learning experience and we would do it all over again.

Please stay tuned for a few photos that will give you an idea of our experience. Together as a team we have an estimated 4000 photos. If you believe a picture is worth 1000 word that means there is over4 million words to describe our trip!

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