Village Life

Arriving under a blanket of stars the team was greeted by Zambians and excited for the experience that was ahead. Eating traditional Zambian food by a fire and looking in awe at the many stars above was breathtaking. It was an amazing opportunity to experience another side to Zambian culture and be warmly welcomed by the villagers.

We slept outside next to pigs and were awakened by cows and roasters early in the morning. The community allowed us to share a simple breakfast of bread and tea. Although there is an obvious difference of skin colour we were integrated into their life. Before heading off to church some of us hiked up a mountain and took in the surroundings. Then church service was an opportunity for some of us to share our testimonies. Also we had the chance to watch a goat be slaughtered for our lunch. We have learned food is key to learning about a culture and were happy to try some goat meat. The time we spent in the village allowed everyone to learn more about the culture and different way of life compared to the town of Choma. The village experience was definitely a highlight for everyone.

P.S. Due to technical difficulties photos have not been posted. Upon our return we will have the opportunity to share photos. Thank you for your understanding.

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