We Are Off to Livingstone

Greetings and goodbyes we have learned are a central part of Zambian culture. Preparing to leave Choma to head off to Livingstone, which is 2 hours away we spent time visiting with those we got to know before departing. One day we spent time doing visitations with the Pastor and his wife to church members’ homes. Through this experience we were able to encourage mothers with young families and pray for their needs. Also, sharing this time with the Pastor and his wife made it difficult to say goodbye to them. It has been mentioned by team members how well Zambian’s practice community and genuinely express their love.

Another goodbye was to the family that hosted us in the village for a night as they shared their time with us. Their endearing terms for us such as “mommy,” that is used as a sign of respect felt like they were our family. As well, the local tailor that created beautiful pieces that suited each of us was an unexpected blessing and made it hard to say goodbye. Not only did she do wonderful work, but went beyond what we asked for and she deeply cared for what we were doing in Choma. We all have been influenced by these people and so many others we will remember.

Finally, upon arriving in Livingstone and meeting up with the Scripture Union team to head to Victoria Falls we prepared for the goodbyes we would eventually have to say to the Zambian team. After experiencing the heavy mist from the enormous falls we headed to Hungry Lion- a fast food restaurant for lunch. It was then time to gather in prayer outside thanking God for the connection we developed with each Zambian volunteer. The tears that flowed showed how meaningful our experiences were with the team. We will always be able to remember the times we spent together in ministry teaching and spending time in their home as they shared Zambian culture with us. We have been greatly blessed for the ways God shaped our relationships with the volunteers and will still seek to keep in contact despite the distance.

Please pray for those we meet throughout our time in Zambia and the continued connections we will be able to keep through e-mail or facebook. We also ask that you would pray for growth in each person as we desire to see them grow closer to Jesus. Finally, we pray for Dorothy, Lucky and Niza who will remain in Choma to continue making a difference in the lives of youth.

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